Nine Aspects of the Each of Us: Awareness to Action Enneagram Advanced (Level 2)

  • The Awareness to Action Enneagram is a pragmatic and immediately useful as a model of nine distinct personality styles, nine aspects of each one of us, and nine competencies of how we engage with the world, especially as leaders.
  • While the content of Level 1 focused on understanding the ATA Enneagram as a model of nine different “types” of people, Level 2 focuses on the ATA Enneagram as a map of nine dimensions of each individual, particularly through the nine Core Qualities and Accelerators.
  • The format is essentially the same as Level 1—there will be extensive pre-recorded videos, supplemented by seven live sessions, which will start on September 16, 2024 (Sep 16, Sep 30, Oct 14, Oct 28, Nov 11, Dec 2, and Dec 16).
  • The Core Qualities are deeper aspects of human nature that reside below the surface of our awareness most of the time. All nine of these qualities become stunted in all of us early in life and inner work is about nurturing the maturation of these qualities through a variety of practices. While we can and should work on all nine of them, the stunting of the core quality at our Enneagram point and connecting points are where most of our work should be focused, at least initially.
  • Level 2 shows how to do that by applying the ATA process and Accelerators—practices that nurture the maturation of the Core Qualities.
  • Level 2 also does a deeper dive into Awareness, Authenticity, and Action—not just in applying the ATA Process we cover in Module 1 but discussing aspects of self-awareness and what it means to be truly authentic.
  • Finally, we will show how these elements fit together to help create robust developmental plans for all 27 subtypes using the ATA Awareness and Action Charts. You will learn how to weave together a plan for your own development or that of your clients integrating the instinctual biases, strategies, accelerators, and core qualities.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to go much deeper in your work on yourself and with your clients.
  • You can only register if you have completed Level 1. Ask for the Code to register at 

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Mario Sikora & Maria Jose Munita

Mario and Maria Jose are internationally known experts in the theory and practical applications of the Enneagram. Their highly innovative Awareness to Action approach to the system is based on over 45 years of combined experience using the Enneagram as executive coaches and consultants to senior leaders in organizations of all types and sizes on five continents. They have created a simple, clear, and powerful approach to the system that is as applicable in the corporate boardroom as it is in your personal self-development work. In addition to their work with leaders, Mario, who is based in Philadelphia, and Maria Jose, who is based in Santiago, Chile, have trained coaches, consultants, HR/OD professionals, and other advisors from around the world on how to apply the Enneagram in a grounded, robust, and accessible way. Both are former presidents of the board of directors of the International Enneagram Association and have co-authored two books: “The Enneagram Guidebook” and “Instinctual Leadership: Working with the 27 Subtypes of the Awareness to Action Enneagram.”

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